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Passed CHUF 93%....3rd Attempt

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matt27610 created the topic: Passed CHUF 93%....3rd Attempt

Hey guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Just wanted to express my thanks to Bob and the team for such a great textbook on Human Factors.

Unfortunately i thought i was going to be fine to have CHUF as my first CPL exam, going in with all the confidence of passing PPLA a few months prior.
Long story short, i didn't, and i got 68%. Thought i could simply study the KDR's and resit the exam 10 days later. Ding dong, i was wrong and was hit with the casa special...68% AGAIN! At this point, i was super bummed and thought i'd leave it to the end.

Now i'm not going to diss my flight school, but i found the theory i had received (in comparison to the BT textbook which i acquired later) was quite bland and lacked detail. And i know i should self study, but anyway, i didn't do it well enough, so i paid the price.

Put bluntly, i hated this exam with a passion. And the fact i'd need to wait 3 months if i failed a 3rd time, made me delay the 3rd sitting further and further.
However, before starting a new job, i took 10 days off, to purely dedicate to study for HUF (my bank account didn't exactly like this), and hid myself in my room, to just. study. the. BT. textbook.
I always wondered "how do people study from a textbook? i'd lose my mind!" (and i almost did mind you). But i forced myself to read through the chapters, understand the content, and proceed to answer all the questions at the end of each topic. I found this to be a good way to ensure that what i had read, had actually stuck. If i got something wrong, id look at the answer and read in the chapter where it would explain it and re-ask myself the question so that it stuck.

The TEM content i also found very helpful, as well as really trying to understand casa's logic behind the questions and answers, and almost memorising the particular threats, errors and UAS'.

Some of the content i received was in relation to:
- effects of alcohol
- ear anatomy
- eye anatomy
- vision limitations
- illusions (alot of these)
- motion sickness, food poisoning etc
- memory
- stressors
- decision making
- Communication styles (this was a KDR in the end)
- TEM - type of error (another KDR)
- Crew decision making (the 3rd KDR)
- Hyperventilation

(There's a bucket load more, and obviously it can be anything from the MOS, but basically, understand TEM, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, body, lungs and illusions, and you'll be right)

What i hope others get from this, is that the Bob Tait Book is exactly what you need for this exam, providing you can ingest content and understand topics in detail. Literally cover the book from start to finish, and do every question, and you'll pass. The exam isn't easy (at least i thought so), but put the study in, and you will get the result you want.

Once again i'd like to thank Bob and the team for the textbook, and that they are the reason i scored a 93% (my highest of the 7) in my final CPL exam!!

Thanks for reading and onto ATPL's!! :cheer:


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bobtait replied the topic: Passed CHUF 93%....3rd Attempt

Well, that really is a mark you can be proud of. Obviously your determination and persistence paid off. Well done...

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